CONTACT the Crisis Line

Since 1971, the Crisis Line has been responding 24/7 to people who are troubled, stressed, and need someone to listen. CONTACT volunteers are available to callers who are experiencing everything from depression, loneliness, abuse, life with HIV, mental illness, sexual assault, grief – up to and including, thoughts of suicide. Callers are listened to and accepted, options are explored, and information and referrals are provided. Crisis Line work is a wonderful opportunity to share your concern and compassion for humankind.

P.O. Box 5192
Jackson, Mississippi 39296
United States

Phone: (601) 713-4099

Adult and Children Services

CONTACT the Crisis Line is a 24/7 helpline/crisis line/warm line that has been providing free confidential compassionate help to anyone in need of emotional support since 1971. We are a 501c nonprofit. We are accredited by the International Council for Helplines (formerly CONTACT USA) and a Mississippi partner with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL). We take all of the NSPL calls from 72 of the 82 counties that derive from a Mississippi area code. We also serve as the 24/7 HIV AIDS Hotline for the MS Department of Health and the after hours answering service for the MS Department of Mental Health.